Melbourne Museum

Highway To Melbourne (Poem)


O sweet IndiBlogger, what have you brought

My dreams of shining in Melbourne, I can finally sought.

Somewhere in my childhood, I’ve always thought

Melbourne is the place to be, my heart always taught.

But with each passing moment, I was losing hope

Before came for rescue, And I can see some scope.

Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum

Melbourne, the city is all mystery

Will visit the Melbourne Museum, to know the local history.

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Werribee Open Range Zoo

From the roar of Werribee Open Range Zoo

To the Twilight’s Music Performances of Melbourne Zoo

I can finally have a wildlife safari

and wildlife encounters, like riding on a new Ferrari.

Otway Fly Treetop

Otway Fly Treetop

From the adventures of Otway Fly Treetop

To the Melbourne’s Best Food Shops,

I will be living every moment

Like a serious commitment.

Puffing Billy Steam Railway

Puffing Billy Steam Railway

Wanna feel the romance in Puffing Billy Steam Railway

And smell the roses in Werribee Mansion Airway,

A Travel through space and time in Melbourne Planetarium,

And a dive to discover life beneath Southern Ocean in Melbourne Aquarium.


Food, People, Wine, Beer, Bars, Shopping…

I wanna discover everything.

Subways, Highways, Laneways…

I wanna visit everywhere.

I hope my time has finally come

To fulfill my dreams.

As if God is saying to me, Oh Child…

‘…it’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW!’

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