SSC FCI Answer Key 2012-13 And Expected Cut Off Marks

SSC FCI exam was conducted on November 10 & 11, 2012 for Assistant Grade III in General, Depot, Technical and Account Cadre in two shifts : Morning and Evening. The pattern of the exam consisted of two hundred questions based on GI, GA, QA and English and each section had 50 Questions.

A. General Intelligence 50 (Marks)
B. General Awareness 50 (Marks)
C. Quantitive Aptitude 50 (Marks)
D. English Language 50 (Marks)

SSC FCI Answer Key 2012-13 for Assistant Grade 3 Officer is finally published on its official website,

This was the first paper of the selection process while paper second and third will be conducted on Jan. 6th 2013 and admit card for those exams will be soon available on the official website of SSC.

Staff Selection Commission in association Food Corporation of India is conducting this recruitment drive to fill out 6545 vacancies of Assistant Grade III Officer in Food Corporation of India.

The Commission used the following different 12 Question Papers/Test Form Numbers in the said examination :–

10.11.2012(EVENING)          11.11.2012(MORNING & EVENING)
1) 147 RH 8                                      1) 222 MN 2          1) 111 LO 1
2) 148 TG 8                                       2) 233 NN 3         2) 113 PO 1
3) 154 KH 7                                       3) 244 NN 3         3) 122 MN 2
4) 156 SG 7                                       4) 287 MM 2        4) 128 RN 2

Here are the Answer Keys:

CLICK HERE TO VIEW KEY(10/11/2012-Evening)

CLICK HERE TO VIEW KEY(11/11/2012-Morning)

CLICK HERE TO VIEW KEY(11/11/2012-Evening)

The expected cut off for general is around 95-105, SC/ST – 80-90 and OBC – 90-100.

Update: The answer key for SSC FCI Mains (Tier 2) Re-examination held on April 7, 2013 is available at

Update: The Cut off marks and results of SSC FCI 2012-13 have been announced. Check out here.

We wish all of you best of luck and do share your marks in the comments to discuss with other users.



  • Mohit

    I’ve scored 98 in unreserved category. Any hope of getting a call in accounts if not for general?

    • In accounts u’ve definitely a good chance.maybe,u will through for A & D posts as well.

  • rinku

    hi have scored 98.75 according to the answer sheet provided by ssc and belongs to UR
    . any hope of call for main exam for general or depot

    • Chances are there but I can’t say for sure as last time it was around 105, but let’s hope for the best.

    • Chances are there bt I can’t say for sure as last time it was around 105, but let’s hope for the best.

      • rinku

        THANKS bro.

  • shuvam

    I got 88.50 in OBC category , i had applied for Genaral and Depo , is there any chance to get selected in PT????

    • maybe, u will through,but will have to do a great effort in main exam. be hopeful & watch will be selected for main or not.

      • shuvam

        Thanks subha !!!
        You have good chance to get selected finally , all the best.

        • in previous occasion I scored 125.25 in prelim.despite getting that marks & overcoming the final cut off marks after the main exam,I couldn’t get job because I had to get 0 .75 marks, I’m not sure of this time with 120 marks,definitely I’ll try my best to get the job.but it was such a pathetic feeling of helplessness.

          • Really bad luck. That shows the level of competition in these exams. How much you got in final exam and interview? I wish you success in this exam.

          • there was no interview,only skill test.I scored 257.25 & only applied for post code A.cut off for post code A was 258(lowest).

          • alok yadav

            hi subha i check key and got 107 marks in prelims so how much score in second paper require to qulify for interview .i see previous result and it goes around to got 260+ mark and minimum 245+
            i need 150+ in second paper.

  • cut off for A or D might be lesser than previous year,I think,it would be 100 to 103. I am getting 120 a/c to the answer keys of ssc. candidates who will score more than 130 for ur will have the greater chance to be selected after the main exam & skill test.

    • alok yadav

      what will be the final cutoff for interview aftre second paper as i got 107 mark in prelims for obc category

      • there is no interview,only computer skill test.try to get in main beyond 240 & if u pass the skill test,u will definitely be selected.

  • vacancy for A & D for ur is 1426 which is slightly more than previous year & question level is more or less same,so cut off for ur for these post would be 100 to 103.

  • manoj dabral

    well what i belive that cut would be btwn 105-110 …coz level was quite easy …..


    i hav scored 75 marks, having reservation in physically challenged quota.. is der any chance for me?? plzz rply me sir….

    • Last time it was 76 for OH, 50 for HH and VH in General. And it was around 80-100 in Accounts. So hoping you would get through.

  • manish

    i hav scored 128 according to ans key
    in obc final ke liye kita chance hai

    • Start preparing for next exam, you will get through for sure.

    • jat

      pura hai beta laga re


    109 in OBC

  • lukman

    i am OH candidate getting 77 marks according to the key…i am luking for technicaql post…pls tell me chance for selection…and also i hv heard ther is change of exam 4m jan 06 to feb 03…is it true….and also reply for my fst qustion

    • try hard in main,you will definitely be selected as good vacancy on technical post was published in the advertisement.

  • jai

    i have got 90 marks according to answer key.i have applied for technical post and i belongs to SC. what are the chances for me – JAI

    • Most probably, you will clear this exam but need to work hard for the mains.

  • Shikha Prasad

    what is goin to be the expected cut off for post code “C”.. i.e. for technical post.??,, last time it ws smewhere around 88..

    • deepak

      DEAR last year cut off was 105, wake up baby

      • Shikha Prasad

        yep 105 ws for general n depot post,, but am talking about technical post,, and the code for technical is “C:… it ws 88 last time… a/c to this article.. ….
        Please correct me if i am wrong..!!

  • deepak

    i m getting 103, do i have chance, i belong to mango category

    • Yes, you will clear it. Start preparing for mains.

  • yogesh

    mere 79 mark hai sc candidate hu plz reply answer de

    • It’s tough if we compare it with last year results. But still there are good chances.

      • yogesh

        kya m second level ki study karne lag jaye plz reply answer

        • Yeah, do start that and hope for the best.

  • i m getting 95 marks in fci as per answer key and belong to obc category . do i have a chance ….

    • Yes, you will clear it. Start preparing for mains.

  • sankalp

    m getting 103.75 accordng to ssc answer is there any chance for me m frm ur

    • Yes, for sure. Start preparing for mains.

  • deepak

    m getting 84 according to ssc answer key is there any chace for me

  • neha

    i m getting 96.25 marks from general category…. is there any chance 4 me…

    • Not sure, 50-50% chances are there.

    • dreams

      10% chances ………this time no. of seats are good

    • deepak

      sorry babes

    • BABATU

      .. tere ko bahut mila hai .. mujhe mila hain 75 ( obc , technical cadre ) for assam .. chance hain kiya…

  • neha

    whts the cut off???

    • Official cut off is not published yet. But you can see the expected cut off in the article above.

  • afroz

    my score is 106 according to answer key.i belong to ur category.then is there a chance?

  • amber verma

    i got 88 from west zone as ur catagary. what is my chance

  • rachna

    i got 64 m belong 2 sc categy do i have chance 2 clear pre xam

    • No, I don’t think so. Work hard for the next time.

  • deepak

    i got 80 marks belong to sc category,there is any chance for me

  • amit



    TEST FORM NO. 113PO1

    Q.NO.52: One of the following
    laws favours women’s interests.

    SSC Official
    Answer Key : (B) Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act ……………………….(?)

    Correct Answer Key : (C) Equal
    Remuneration Act

    Explanation: Immoral
    Traffic Act deals only with prostitutions and child sex while Equal
    Remuneration Act deals with rights of
    equal remuneration for all women and should be similar to men’s
    remuneration according to work, post, job nature etc.

    Q.NO.57: Select the odd one in
    the following..

    SSC Official
    Answer Key : (A) Fuel Wood ……………………….(?)

    Correct Answer Key : (E) Electricity

    Explanation: As Fuel
    wood, petroleum and coal is found naturally on the earth, but electricity is
    generated artificially.

    Q.NO.91: The President of India
    has awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award to…

    SSC Official
    Answer Key : (A) Vijay Kumar (Shooter) ……………………….(?)

    Correct Answer Key : (C) Both A & B (MS. Dhoni
    & Vijay kumar)

    Explanation: Since a
    particular year or period is not mentioned in the question hence the answer
    should be (C) as M.S Dhoni got Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2008 and Vijay
    Kumar got Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award 2011 by President of India.

    Q.NO.145: The total amount of
    money (approximately) needed to pay the monthly wages of all the workers is…

    SSC Official Answer Key : (D) 71600 (wrong)

    Correct Answer Key : (C)

    (1000×3)+(1100×8)+(1200×5)+(1300×4)+(1400×9)+(1500×8)+(1600×6)+(1700×7) or

    3000+8800+6000+5200+12600+12000+9600+11900 = 69100

    Q.NO.185: That cannot be

    SSC Official Answer Key : (C) Insurmountable

    Correct Answer Key : (C)
    Insurmountable and (D) Invincible (both)

    Explanation: Here
    Insurmountable means impossible or unconquerable where as Invincible mean
    incapable of being conquered, overcome hence both answer are right.


    Amit Kumar

    • Have you made the correction request to SSC? It’s last date is 27.11.2012.

    • suvam

      Amit please provide this correction to SSC, It will be really helpful to me and many other guys , if they consider it?

    • Rajkumar Goyal

      Good sir ye mene bhi notice kiya…..

    • Rajkumar Goyal

      Bro ..pls send it to ssc

  • deepak

    is there any role of academic record after clearing the main and cpt ple reply sir.

    • I don’t think so.You just need minimum percentage in graduation,that’s it

      • BABATU

        tere ko bahut mila hai .. mujhe mila hain 75 ( obc , technical cadre ) for assam .. chance hain kiya…

  • ATIN

    m getting 121 in UR ……

  • Rohit

    I am getting 107 marks under UR category according to the answer key published by SSC…Is there is any hope for sitting in the mains paper????If yes, please guide me how to tackle with mains exam….

    • Yes, you’ll clear it for sure. For mains, search on Google or take coaching.

  • ravi

    what will be the expected date of result of the exam??

  • Vimal

    how to find marks?what is the website to find out the marks?

  • dhruva

    hi,i jus got 79 marks nd from obc category south dere ny chances?

    • zone doesn’t matter.cut off will be fixed irrespective of any zone.

  • ritu

    my test form no is 012pn5
    i had exam on 10 nov evening shift
    but this test form no is not given???
    how to check my result?

    • all the answer keys of all test form were given,try to find it carefully .

  • amit

    i got 67.50 in sc noth zone is there any chance???????????

  • vishnu

    what will be the total intial salary of fci accountant?

  • subham

    i have got 100.50 marks according to fci answer key is there any chance for me

    • yes,u definitely hav a chance as an obc candidate.

  • subham

    i got 100.50 belong to obc is there any chance

  • Abhinav

    Hi.. I am abhinav and as per ssc answer key i got around 80.75. I applied for account profile in FCI.. Could you plzz confirm is there any chances for me to be in FCI Mains exam??? Please reply 🙂 Thanks


    hiii… i got 87 mrks n i m belong to ur category…is there any chance to select for mains???

    • I don’t think. But still wait for the results.

      • BABATU

        agar mein 200 mein say 150 lata hoon .. aur paper i marks hain 75 .. chance hain kiya select honay ka…..

  • Dalvinder Singh

    Sir, I am getting 99.25 in ESM. Am i qualifying

  • shrawan kumar

    all coaching institute just extort money from the weak condidate and suggest for coaching, my request to make aim prepared yourself based on prrevious question paper, surely u crack the exame. more then crores of business

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  • parul sharma

    i m getting 97 marks frm ur category is there any chance for technical


    i m getin only 75 ( obc , technical cadre ) .. is there any chance if i score 150 in second paper…

  • shakir

    I got 72 marks in fci and belongs to physically challenge have i qualify in paper 1 pls reply me as soon as

  • shakir

    i don;t want to do thid job so what will be done by me

  • deepak

    sir is fci grade 3 a clerical job !!!!

  • Anupam_Guwahati

    Could anyone tell me the last cut off marks in Biological paper? Please, share if you have the information…

  • kulbhushan phogat

    yar mere 1st exam me 101 h and 2nd me 140 aa jynge
    to koi chance h ya ni……….